Project Details


  • To promote the continued growth of Pickleball – America’s fastest growing sport in the nation Players enjoy a wide range of health benefits from regular exercise including Lower risk of heart disease, Mood enhancement, Increased social interaction, and Improved reflexes and balance.
  • To provide a new free public facility as a recreation resource for the people and visitors of Valley County.
  • To create an improvement on existing land and add more varied opportunity for outdoor recreation for the enhancement of leisure time by people of all ages.
  • To maintain the important role of outdoor recreation in supporting the local economy and support multiple uses of public lands.


Make a donation to our non-profit organization to support the new Lake Fork project and Pickleball in the West Central Mountains of Idaho!

project elements

Build 9 Pickleball Courts

  • Conduct a soil survey to ensure suitability and stability of land. 
  • Licensed Engineering Firm to create courts design and stormwater drainage plan
  • Obtain any permits required
  • Licensed Contractor to Install post-tensioned concrete pads 
  • Court surface will be installed, and court lines painted
  • Permanent posts and removable pickleball nets
  • Donation lock box and sign for public donations to support operating & maintenance costs, including free beginner lessons.
  • Install plexiglass covered bulletin box for use in postings & schedules related to pickleball


  • May through November, weather permitting
  • VCPC will maintain court cleanliness and remove trash for the entire area as needed
  • VCPC will Maintain courts in safe condition

Signage / Gravel Parking Area

  • Install gravel parking area and driveway to it, ADA parking spaces /signs
  • Install directional road signage identifying location and entrance and/or any other directional or parking lot signage required to meet county ordinances.
  • Valley County to manage and maintain parking lot

Chain Link Fencing

  • 6’ high perimeter chain link fencing at court ends
  • 4’ high ball barrier chain link fencing between each court, with walk through gaps at mid court net line, no gates

Vault Toilet

  • Valley County will fund and install a Vault Toilet Structure, and provide porta-potty in interim


  • Install an accessory structure – a portable shed of less than 120 sq. ft. for equipment storage
  • When not in use shed will be kept locked and under key/combo control of VCPC

 Operations:  VCPC will operate the courts complex for 10 years

  • The courts will be open for public use during the operating season (est. May – Nov), 7 days a week, during daylight hours.
  • Nets will be removed and stored during off-season
  • Valley County to provide general liability insurance
  • VCPC will dedicate courts, benches, nets and other areas to donors and will install placards or other signage recognizing contributors.
  • VCPC will post pickleball play information such as lessons, skills, tournaments, ladder and open play, as well as contacts for questions.
  • VCPC will utilize a donations receptacle. Donations will support court maintenance and operating costs


  • 3’ cement walkway surround of concrete slab as a walking path and weed barrier
  • Plant native non-noxious weed natural scape on existing soil. no water available or required.
  • All land surfaces not used for courts, access roads & parking will be covered by existing natural vegetation, as un-disturbed space.