Holiday Greetings and updates from Valley County Pickleball Club!
Courts Construction Project:  A new pickleball facility is being built by the club!  After 3 years of planning and fundraising, 8 Post tensioned concrete court pads were poured in October.  The pads are now covered for the winter.  Construction will start up again in the spring when weather permits.  Work to be completed is estimated to take 6-8 weeks, and includes prep and pouring the 9th court, pouring perimeter walkway and common areas, acrylic surface installation and painting of court lines, installation of electric, storage, toilet, and gravel parking lot,  chain-link fencing, toilet, signage and accessories such as nets, benches, and of course a wind sock!
  • Unfortunately, due to lack of LOT Tax revenue, the City of McCall was not able to fund the $25k they had approved for the project.  This puts us further behind budget.  The total budget is $600k of which $565k has been raised through club fundraisers, private and business donations, and Valley County Covid Relief funds (THANK YOU!).  We are so very close!  VCPC is a non-profit organization, so donations can be tax-deductible. Please see sponsorship levels here:  and also let us know of any connections you have to individuals or businesses that may want to support this great project.
Let’s play pickleball!   We continue to be thankful for our relationship with Shiloh Bible and Conference Center, whose gym serves as a winter play location for the local community, including our club. Player donations at Shiloh continue to cover the cost of heating the facility.  See the Shiloh Play Guidelines here:
Thank you for your continued support and membership of Valley County Pickleball Club!
Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season, your Valley County Pickleball Club Board Members,
Evelyn Banfield, President  775-291-6880
Hope Ayres, Vice President 208-724-6188
Nancy Bloomfield, Treasurer 208-301-8013
Jan Gundmundsen Eby, Secretary 208-861-5468