With 8 of 9 courts poured, the weather became too cool and unstable to safely pour and cure concrete.  The 8 court pads are now covered for the winter, and construction will start up again in the spring when weather permits.  Work to be completed is estimated to take about 8 weeks, and includes prep and pouring the 9th post-tensioned concrete court, pouring concrete perimeter walkway and common area between courts, installation of electric, storage container and toilet, final grade and drainage trenching of area surrounding courts area and parking lot,  acrylic surface and cure time, painting of court lines, Install chain-link fencing, toilet, signage and other accessories such as nets, benches, and of course a wind sock!

About $25k in funds are still needed to complete the project.  VCPC is a non-profit organization, so donations can be tax-deductible!  Please see sponsorship levels on our donate page, and let us know of any grant opportunities you are aware of.  We are also looking for someone to donate a storage container with a roll up door.